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Tokushima 8 kind Platter A3 Wagyu Halal 500g/pack

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8 Kind A3 Wagyu Halal platter ±500g/pack

1) Ude ウデ 【肩肉】                                                           TENDET ★★ FAT∶★                                              

The meat of the arm that covers the shoulder loin.                                          

Since it is a part that moves well, it has well-developed                                  

muscles and a lot of lean meat, and it is a little hard                                         

depending on the location, and it is characterized by                                       

abundant extracts, collagen, and umami, and a rich                                         

taste of meat.

2) Kuri (Chuck Eye).

Chuck eye steaks are a less expensive substitute for tender rib-eyes. Cook them quickly over high heat and serve them with herb butter

3) KATABARA (Brisket) (肩バラ / katabara) 

 a cut from the breast or lower chest part.  Appearance: layers of lean meat and fat, a rather tough cut. meat might be of similar quality, but the Wagyu brisket will have a much greater abundance of marbling and a better quality of intramuscular fat, which adds to its flavor and texture 

4) Shin Shin しんしん[和尚头心]                                 



 TENDET ★★★ FAT∶★★★                                              

This is also a subdivision of the Shintama in "MOMO",                                    

which is the inner part of the thigh above the knee.                                        

The meat is striated, thin, soft, juicy, and very little                                          

fat with smooth texture. You can enjoy the refreshing                                   

 taste of lean meat.         

5)KARUBI カルビ [腰協肉 ]                                            




TENDET ★★★★ FAT∶★★★                                          

This is a super popular item. It is a part of the upper layer                                             

of meat around the shoulder brisket. It is cut into a                                         

triangular shape with a marble pattern and the rich fat                                   

content which is evenly distributed among the beef.

6) Uchimomo(TOP ROUND)

 also known as top round is a cut from the inside of the thigh muscle of the hind legs. ... High grades can have decent marbling, but this tends to be a leaner cut with some texture. 

7) Sotomomo

Sotomomo / Sotohira (Gooseneck Round) This cut of meat comes from the outer thigh of the cow. It is a well-muscled cut with very little fat. 

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